Cage Diving at Guadalupe Island 2018

guadalupe island cage diving

Cage Diving at Guadalupe Island 2018

Cage diving allows unique and up-close encounters with the ocean’s most fearsome predator at Guadalupe Island, the great white shark. On America’s Shark Boat cage diving trips are safe and available to novices and experienced shark divers from all over the globe.

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The unique volcanic island of Guadalupe in Mexico features crystal clear waters and multiple great white sharks per exciting cage dive and it is nothing short of great white shark heaven for over 18 consecutive shark seasons!

Your cage diving adventure begins in San Diego, where you will board America’s Shark Boat for direct departures from California to Guadalupe Island – no bussing into Mexico. Our shark diving liveaboard features double, twin  cabins all with air-conditioning. Whilst safety and comfort are paramount, guests can also enjoy a selection of micro-brewery beers, wine, contemporary menu, and everything included down to your very own wetsuit.

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Since 2000 we have been pioneering shark cage diving, underwater shark photography, shark research, and Film and TV with sharks at this unique and pristine white shark location. We are your next shark diving adventure. Great ready for excitement and let’s go cage diving!