Cage Divers What You Need To Know About Shark Cage Diving

guadalupe island shark cage diving

Cage Divers What You Need To Know About Shark Cage Diving

Shark cages are the way to go when diving with great white sharks around the globe. At Guadalupe island, Mexico we designed and deploy protective shark cages on all our great white adventures. White shark cages protect both divers and sharks from harm and it’s essential that shark divers realize a negative encounter with a great white shark often leads to shark deaths, so stay in your cage and enjoy the encounter!

Non Diver Shark Cage Diving For Everyone

Specialty built professional shark cages also allow non shark divers to cage dive with giant great whites safely. Shark cages use purpose built hookah systems, which supply air from the boat allowing more people to experience the wild world of the oceans top predator the great white shark.

If Africa is a little too far for you to travel to see great white sharks, then make it a shorter trip to the other side of the border, in Guadalupe, Mexico onbaord America’s Shark Boat directly from San Diego by sea no busses into Mexcico – ever!

The Typical Guadalupe Shark Diving Itinerary

Shark Cage Diving Day 1 –  Shark Boat leaves San Diego at 10PM.

Shark Cage Diving Day 2 – Shark Boat arrives at Guadalupe, about 220 miles south of San Diego, about 6AM. First day of diving.

Shark Cage Diving Day 3 – Shark Cage diving all day long.

Shark Cage Diving Day 4 –  White Shark Cage Diving until about 5PM. Cages come up and you leave Guadalupe island.

Shark Cage Diving Day 5 – Arrive San Diego around 3-5pm-ish. Lots of hugs and pictures, and Facebook contacts – don’t forget those!

What You’ll See at Guadalupe Cage Diving

You’ll see more great whites at Guadalupe island than arguably anywhere on the planet. The visibility at Guadalupe is excellent – you can see 100 feet on a good day. You’ll see a range of sharks here, from juveniles, to some pushing 20 feet. And if you’re very lucky, you may see Deep Blue the Pacific’s largest white shark at 20++ feet. Book today!