Cage Diver | The BEST Shark Cage Diving Isla Guadalupe Mexico | Value

Guadalupe island white shark cage diving

Cage Diver | The BEST Shark Cage Diving Isla Guadalupe Mexico | Value

White shark cage diving for cage divers and shark divers all over the world. Meet great white sharks off the Island of Guadalupe in Mexico and California shark species when you shark dive off the coast of San Diego this year!

Great White Shark Cage Diving Isla Guadalupe

Horizon Charters is America’s Shark Boat and has been delivering world class great white shark cage diving since 2000 when we FIRST discovered Guadalupe Islands great white sharks. Join us as we depart from San Diego direct for 5 day all-inclusive shark cage diving trips to Guadalupe Island, Mexico.

Featured on Shark Week Cage Diving at Guadalupe

Since 2004 America’s Shark Boat has done multiple productions with the famed Shark Week series. We focus on the science based programs without the hype you see on other shows, in fact we are known as the go-to shark cage diving vessel for series shark research. See us in 2019 (this year) on another show featuring innovative tagging! We proud to be on Shark Week again this season!

Cage Diving Value and All Inclusive Expeditions Guadalupe Island

We offer the BEST value all inclusive pricing at Guadalupe Island for cage divers. You could spend $1000 more this year to see the same sharks, but why would you want to? Guadalupe Island lies in the middle of the Pacific approx. 220 miles southwest of San Diego. It is a remote and untouched location that harbors one of the largest populations of white sharks on the planet now estimated at close to 300 each season!

Join us Cage Diving This Year!

Shark cage diving, it really is as thrilling as it looks! You have always wanted to experience the world’s top white shark cage diving destination at Guadalupe Island, and now you can – for less than you imagined. Face off with great white sharks this year on America’s Shark Boat, the MV Horizon, see the same white sharks as everyone else and save money. Since 2000 we have been pioneering shark cage diving, underwater shark photography, shark research, and Film and TV with sharks at this unique and pristine white shark location. We are your next shark diving adventure. Great ready for excitement and let’s go cage diving!