Booking Guadalupe Island Shark Diving Direct vs Agent

Guadalupe Island shark cage diving

Booking Guadalupe Island Shark Diving Direct vs Agent

When you book your next shark cage diving expedition at Guadalupe Island make sure you book with your vessel direct and not via a third party “agent”.

Since the inception of Guadalupe cage diving in 2000 (our first season) a number of vessels have appeared (and disappeared) on the scene, along with what looks like hundreds of “resellers and agents” for vessels. When you book through an “agent” with an out of date looking website, or a “reseller” who reps four or five vessels – you get what you pay for.

When you book direct with your vessel you get your expedition for less on America’s Shark Boat  – $2796 all inclusive.

Booking Direct With Confidence

On America’s Shark Boat when you book via our shark diving website you are booking directly with over 20 years worth of experience at Guadalupe Island. What makes our trips different from many others is that although our US Coast Guard registered cage diving vessel is capable of holding up to 30 passengers but we limit our Guadalupe Island shark cage diving expeditions to just 16. This is the lightest passenger count you will find on US based shark expeditions to Guadalupe Island.

You could pay much more and be on a vessel with 20-30 divers at a time. But why would you want to?

Fewer shark divers are less disruptive to the environment and our sharks. Our shark crew to passenger ratio is 1:2 so you and everybody else on board will get a very personal and professional service, allowing us to cater for your particular needs whatever they may be.

About Guadalupe Island Cage Diving

The unique volcanic island of Guadalupe in Mexico features crystal clear waters and multiple great white sharks per exciting cage dive and it is nothing short of great white shark heaven for over 18 consecutive shark seasons!

Your cage diving adventure begins in San Diego, where you will board America’s Shark Boat for direct departures from California to Guadalupe Island – no bussing into Mexico. Our shark diving liveaboard features double, twin  cabins all with air-conditioning. Whilst safety and comfort are paramount, guests can also enjoy a selection of micro-brewery beers, wine, contemporary menu, and everything included down to your very own wetsuit.

Book directly with America’s Shark boat and save, plus know you are dealing direct.

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