Book Isla Guadalupe Shark Cage Diving For Less

guadalupe island shark cage diving

Book Isla Guadalupe Shark Cage Diving For Less

Reserve de Isla Guadalupe is one of Mexico’s most isolated islands with a white shark population estimated at well over 300 different sharks!.Great White Shark Diving in Guadalupe Island occurs 160 miles off the Baja California coast and 210 miles south of San Diego. The island is approximately 20 miles long and varies in width from 4-6 miles. Open Pacific ocean currents  bless Guadalupe Island with crystal clear water often exceeding 100 feet of visibility.

Discover Guadalupe Island

Shark Fin Rock at Guadalupe Island is solid rock spire rising to an amazing 300 feet above sea level at Point Norte where shark cage diving operates from Late July through December (for film and TV productions). Large, dense fog banks which shroud the islands higher elevations during the day and spill over the lee side in the afternoons in Aug-October. Geologically Guadalupe Island is a spectacular sight with upheavals of solid rock and the numerous cinder cones that can be seen from boats along the shorelines. Sheer cliffs that make up much of the island’s coastline are magnificently colored in bands of red and orange.

Guadalupe Island’s Landscape and Sharks!

Because of the island’s remote location there are many plants, insects and animals are endemic to the Reserve Isla Guadalupe. Decimated by goats brought to the island by the Russian fur trade, Monterey Pines and Guadalupe Cypress once formed high altitude forests, which condensed moisture from clouds into fresh water springs. Large Oaks as well as Guadalupe Palms call the island home. In recent years, Guadalupe Island conservation efforts have helped these ancient forests to re-gain a foothold at the island it has been one of Mexico’s greatest conservation triumphs.

Guadalupe Island Seals

Guadalupe Island supports a large marine mammal population home to breeding colonies of Northern Elephant Seals and Guadalupe Fur Seals. Both species were hunted to near extinction during the early 1900’s. Fortunately, enough individuals managed to elude sealers to ensure both species survival – by the barest of margins as they were both declared extinct on these island many years go. Now in abundance, they are easily viewed by boat while cruising the shoreline and are a favorite snack of the Great White Shark!

Great White Sharks at Guadalupe Island

Guadalupe Island’s most notable inhabitants is the Great White Shark. The sharks make appearances at Guadalupe Island seasonally over six short cage diving months. Their presence coincides with warm water and cooler waters later in the season. These sharks are now a common sight in the fall months and have made Reserve Isla Guadalupe Island the world’s best location for Great White Shark diving aboard America’s Shark Boat!