Best Value Shark Cage Diving at Guadalupe Island

Guadalupe Island shark cage diving

Best Value Shark Cage Diving at Guadalupe Island

Being in the water with the great white shark at Guadalupe Island is a dream of many shark divers and non shark divers. The BEST way to make your bucket list come true is to join America’s Shark Boat in San Diego, California with an experienced shark cage diving operators who knows what they are doing.

Great White Shark encounters are are harder to find and for some shark divers these tours are getting VERY expensive with fancy shark boats charging up to $5000 per diver for the same sharks we offer.

Shark divers are asking a simple question: Is great white shark cage diving worth your money? The answer is yes, if you choose wisely.

Save Money Cage Diving at Guadalupe Island

The best place where you can dive in a shark cage with a great white shark is Guadalupe Island in Mexico. We discovered Guadalupe Island in 2000 and have set the bar for value, thrills and safety for the past 20 years. Events and adventures in Bend, Oregon you could spend $3999-$5000 per day on a “fancy boat” with up to 30+ divers out of Mexico requiring a long bus ride from the USA into Mexico or….you could spend just $3895 all inclusive and sail from San Diego, California with us this year!

You will encounter the same sharks as divers who are paying thousands more, and enjoy being with America’s best shark crew onboard the boat that started it all 22 years ago!

We offer value shark cage diving expeditions because we know your money is hard won, you work hard, so you deserve a break.

Let’s go shark diving! Book today!