BEST Places To Live And Cage Dive Like It’s Shark Week

guadalupe island shark cage diving

BEST Places To Live and Cage Dive Like It’s Shark Week

Shark divers and non shark divers can experience the thrill of shark cage diving in locations around the world. Shark boats offer the chance to encounter huge sharks as they come right up to a cage and say hello. In some cases, you don’t have to be a certified diver to see them from the safety of a cage. Here’s our TOP shark diving list for 2019!

Guadalupe Island Shark Cage Diving

Your TOP location for living life like it’s Shark Week is Guadalupe Island, or as the locals call it Isla Guadalupe. Expect crystal clear waters, double digit shark days from Aug through Sept and the largest sharks in the Pacific from Oct-Nov during the Time of the Titans. America’s Shark Boat founded this site in 2000 and run expeditions from July-November each year. You can also see us on TWO SHOWS during Shark Week 2019!

South Africa The Original Shark Adventure

From the seaside town of Hermanus, South Africa, you’ll get to experience Shark Week on the other side of the planet with a 20-minute boat trip out to sea will allow you to shark cage dive with a few operators in the area. They anchor off Dyer Island and Geyser Rock, which boasts a large seal colony, the staple diet of the great white shark. Wetsuits are required in the cool temperatures of the water.

Australia The KING of Shark Sites

Port Lincoln, South Australia, you can cage dive with great white sharks and live Shark Week in style. Shark tours occur in the deep waters off the coast of Port Lincoln, on the southern tip of South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula. Charter boats provide full-day experiences and, for the extra daring, twilight tours.

South Africa Shark Wilds in Durban

Just an hour south of Durban, South Africa, Shark Week fans can shark cage dive with oceanic blacktip sharks at Aliwal Shoal, one of the top dive sites in the world. Thrill-seekers can forego the confinements of a cage for unobstructed views, while cage-diving is available for those who prefer a barrier. There are often 15 to 20 sharks swarming the cage at a time, as well as other marine life in the area, including mantas, moray eels, huge stingrays, sweet lips, potato groupers and turtles.