Best Place to Cage Dive With Great White Sharks | Guadalupe Island

guadalupe island shark cage diving

Best Place to Cage Dive With Great White Sharks | Guadalupe Island

At Guadalupe Island America’s Shark Boat thrills divers as great white sharks swims slowly past your cage, your heart feels as if it’s up near my tonsils your head is light, and your breathing is fast – welcome to cage diving with the great white! White sharks are the kings of the oceans and a diver’s bucket list adventure. When it comes to bragging rights and a pure adrenaline rush, you can’t beat going eye-to-eye (or better yet, eye-to-tooth) with a great white shark.

Getting to Guadalupe Island
America’s Shark Boat leaves San Diego harbor with excited divers and 18 hours later you arrive at Guadalupe Island, Mexico. Located about 180 miles west of Baja California, Guadalupe is one of the best places in the world to see great whites. They migrate to the warm, clear water here after spending the summer feeding off the coast of California.Going into their 18th season of taking divers to Guadalupe Island America’s Shark Boat have never had an expedition in which they didn’t encounter at least three sharks. The MV Horizon was the first vessel in the US to encounter the stunning 18-foot female great white called Deep Blue that “looked like a school bus” in 2011. In 2002 we had a male nicknamed Shredder because of his mangled dorsal fin–who once jumped out of the water to bite off a boat’s anchor.
Shark Diving For Everyone at Guadalupe Island
Anyone can go swimming with great whites, at Guadalupe Island America’s Shark boat pioneered non certified diving for everyone. With specially design surface shark cages and dedicated air systems participants don’t need to be certified, because the cage doesn’t descend much below the surface and the breathing apparatus is attached to an air tank that’s on the boat instead of on the diver’s back. You’ll be cage diving with great white sharks after just one short lesson!Though the length of the sharks at Guadalupe Island are impressive, typically 10-18 feet long, their girth will astound you even more.  Many of the late season great whites at Guadalupe island are as big around as minivans and look like submarines with teeth. But it’s their eyes that leave the deepest impression on divers from around the world. They aren’t black, as they appear in photos and on TV. The irises are midnight blue, and the pupils glow orange like coals in a fire. As the mighty creatures cruise by, their eyes track you, watching you just as closely as you’re watching them.

Who to Dive With at Guadalupe Island

America’s Shark Boat runs shark cage diving tours from August to November. Divers board the boat in San Diego, Ca and overnight to Guadalupe Island. They offer a 100% price match guarantee and the lowest all inclusive pricing in the industry.

You could pay more to cage dive with white sharks but why would you?  $2,999 per person