Best Great White Shark Cage Diving USA and Mexico

guadalupe island cage diving

Best Great White Shark Cage Diving USA and Mexico

Great white shark cage diving at Guadalupe Island is the place to cage dive. Expect calm, clear, water and multiple great white shark encounters per day from your shark cages. One question shark divers always ask before they book a shark cage diving expedition with us is “Will I see sharks?” Yes! We have identified and named over 360 + different and very individual great white sharks at Guadalupe Island

Is Shark Cage Diving Safe at Guadalupe Island?

All our shark cage diving is done using a hookah system, and we have been innovating shark cage diving here for the past 20 years with no accidents – ever!  Our shark cages are designed to provide maximum protection for you and for our sharks. It is important that Guadalupe Islands great white sharks are never  injured during your dives.

What Is Included in a Guadalupe Island White Shark Expedition?

Everything! Unlike many boats who started cage diving at Guadalupe Island a few years ago, we offer one-stop-shop cage diving with no “extras and surprises” at the end of your expedition with us. Accommodations, all meals ( breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert), alcoholic beverages and snacks, daily room service, in-water staff help,end of trip DVD and onboard facilities are all yours to discover.

Is Cage Diving at Guadalupe Island Expensive?

Compare our all inclusive prices, departures directly from San Diego, and lowest price guarantee at $3895 per diver for all five days vs other vessels advertised rates at $4500-$5800 per diver….for the same sharks!

Are you ready to experience the thrills of face-to-face encounters with great white sharks? Let’s dive!