Become a Shark Diver at Guadalupe Island This Year | Cage Diving

shark cage diving at guadalupe for less

Become a Shark Diver at Guadalupe Island This Year | Cage Diving

America’s Shark Boat offers the BEST shark diving species such as blue, mako, and great white sharks from California. Shark diving in California helps regular divers become shark divers by going face-to-face with our own marine serengeti – filled with sharks. Let’s dive!

Guadalupe Shark Diving Become a Shark Diver!

How do you become a shark diver? It’s easy. As great white shark diving grows in popularity, more and more Americans, Europeans, film and tv crews, and shark researchers are flocking to Guadalupe Island, bypassing traditional shark diving hotspots like South Africa or Australia because they are so cost prohibitive when you factor in travel. But for budget shark divers Guadalupe Island is the best location to learn to shark dive. America’s Shark Boat features guaranteed best shark cage diving pricing from the USA (no busses into Mexico) and the same experience with sharks as all the other shark boats in the fleet – offering great white shark cage diving for a lot more. We created shark diving for everyone, non certified diver are welcome, and at the end of your thrilling 5 days at sea with us you’ll be able to tell the world you’re a shark diver!

Guadalupe Great White Sharks Amazing!

Great white sharks can be as large as 20 feet long, weigh an upward of 5,000 pounds, and live for 30 years. There are ways to dive with 18-foot-long Great Whites, the size of small station wagons and at Guadalupe Island you may encounter a female white shark we named Deep Blue in 2015. Deep Blue is 20 feet long and estimated to weigh 4000lbs and your best chances of encountering her is during the late shark diving season at Guadalupe. August through October is peak season for seeing great whites and few places on the globe are as prime a destination as Guadalupe Island for adrenaline junkies on a budget.

Join America’s Shark Boat in 2019 from San Diego, California and save with our guaranteed shark diving pricing. We’ll BEAT any price online. You could pay more to see great white sharks, but why would you want to? Let’s dive!