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Freediving and Spearfishing in Baja

The Pacific coast of Baja…beautiful, wild an experience… Islas San Benito and Isla Cedros, the cornerstone of the freedive experience. Compared to California’s Channel Islands of 75 years ago with vast schools of temperate pelagics, lively reefs chocked full of temperate and sub tropical species and the healthiest kelp forests that you will find ANYWHERE.

These amazing liveaboard expeditions are designed for active divers, beginner to advanced with the prerequisites of good health as the diving can be very strenuous and good fun! Camaraderie, fun and the Baja experience are what bring back spearos time and time again with America’s Dive Boat the MV Horizon.

Here are some of our specialized itineraries that you can choose from. Call us to discuss your group’s needs and let’s dive!

Islas San Benito and Isla Cedros

Day 1: Departure San Diego

11:00am – 12:30pm Boarding
1:00pm Departure – An afternoon of relaxation, preparing your equipment all punctuated by fantastic food and great ocean scenery!

Day 2: Isla San Martin, Isla Geronimo, Sacramento Reef or Offshore

You’ll get a few hours in the water searching for yellowtail, white seabass, barracuda and lunker kelp bass if the conditions are worthy. If not, the day will be spent offshore fishing for tuna, dorado and yellowtail as you head south toward the islands.

Days 3 – 6: Islas San Benito and possibly Isla Cedros

San Benito is legendary for its schools of yellowtail and white seabass. Isla Cedros…well think big. The water is typically green but the fish are big! 30 – 50 pound yellowtail are not uncommon, large white seabass roam its extensive kelp forests and the top side scenery is some of the most beautiful along Baja! Your dive day will typically start around 8:00am with a break for lunch at 12:00pm and then an afternoon of diving with dinner at 7:00pm. After dinner on day 6 we will head north toward Isla San Martin or a coastal destination.

Day 7: Isla San Martin, Baja coast north of Isla San Martin or a day of offshore fishing

If the coastal conditions are not conducive to good diving we will opt to spend the day offshore in search of tuna, dorado and yellowtail. If the sea is friendly you may have the opportunity to experience true blue water diving on free floating kelp paddies!

Day 8: San Diego

We’ll arrive in port 6:00 – 7:00am with debarkation no later than 9:00am.

Baja’s Islas San Benito and Rocas Alijos Seamount

There are a few very special freedive destinations in the world that will make your heart race just at the thought and you have two of them south of San Diego both within reach on an active 10 day expedition. Join us to experience kelp forests, pinnacles, seamounts and the blue…in search of yellowtail, tuna and wahoo on an adventure to Islas San Benito and Rocas Alijos Seamount!

Day 1: Departure San Diego

11:00am – 12:30pm Boarding
1:00pm Departure – Afternoon of travel as you head south. Time to put your dive gear together, swap stories with friends and relax…soaking in the amazing ocean scenery.

Day 2: Offshore and Isla San Martin

Today will either be a day of offshore adventure or if conditions allow we may throw in a morning stop for yellowtail at Isla San Martin. Warm up dives for the primary destination!

Day 3: Islas San Benito

Dive the morning for yellowtail, white seabass and lunker kelp bass at the true kelp forest oasis, San Benito Islands. An entire trip could be spent here, be you will only spend a morning today as during lunch we depart for Rocas Alijos!

Day 4 – 7: Rocas Alijos Seamount

Dive, dive, dive for yellowfin tuna, wahoo and yellowtail! Rocas Alijos Seamount, simply amazing and more than just a spearo destination. Enjoy all aspects and be ready for the unexpected…we’ve been visited by whale sharks, mobulas and numerous species of sharks when diving here!

Depart at noon of day 7 and travel north to either Isla Cedros or Islas San Benito.

Day 7 – 8: Islas San Benito or Isla Cedros

San Benito is famous for its schooling yellowtail while Cedros is the home of large yellowtail and white seabass, with 30 – 50 pound yellows not uncommon!

Day 9: Islas San Martin or Offshore

You’ll head north to San Martin Island, points north along the coast or offshore for pelagics. Much depends upon the ocean conditions. Whatever you do, there will be plenty of action!

Day 10: San Diego

6:00 – 7:00am Breakfast onboard with disembarkation no later than 9:00am.

Guadalupe Island Shark Cage Diving

If regular scuba diving trips are not your speed we also offer great white shark cage diving at Guadalupe Island since 2000. For the past 19 years we have been thrilling cage diver and shark divers from around the globe. Join us this year and get face to face with a great white shark at Guadalupe Island!