Baja Scuba Charters From San Diego

Dive Adventures In Baja

Baja California, the utterance stirs visions of desert beauty and oceanic splendor. Now you can experience Baja, or more aptly, dive in Baja on a journey that will stimulate and educate while providing you an active scuba vacation that is as fantastic for individuals and families.

From Tijuana in the north, on the border with California, USA, the Baja Peninsula stretches 775 miles to Cabo San Lucas at its southernmost tip. To the west lies the Pacific Ocean and to the east, the Sea or Cortez separates this peninsula, the second longest in the world, from mainland Mexico. The region is dominated by desert and shrubland, though pine and oak forested mountain ranges are found in the north and the south; it’s a pristine region of great natural beauty.

The MV Horizon offers incredible liveaboard dive charters in three distinct dive regions. In the north, winter cold fronts bring fog and higher precipitation, the central zone is arid desert and the south experiences late summer tropical rains. The waters around the Baja Peninsula teem with life and scuba diving opportunities abound, particularly in the southern reaches where La Paz and Cabo San Lucas are located.

Favourite Baja Scuba Site?

Join us at La Bufadoraon the Pacific coast in the northern reaches of the Baja Peninsula. This is one of our favorite dive sites since 1982. The site is dominated by dramatic walls, caves and arches and is covered with an intense variety of invertebrates making this a paradise for the macro photographer. Nudibranchs, tunicates, sponges, gorgonians and anemones compete for every available space. There’s also a sea lion rookery we visit and a must see blowhole to while away the surface intervals. While shore diving is possible here, the entry is relatively challenging and the better sites are more easily reached by liveaboard boat.

Guadalupe Island White Shark Cage Diving Option?

If Baja diving is not up to your speed we also offer great white shark cage diving at Guadalupe Island for the past 19 seasons we have been interacting with giant great white sharks at Guadalupe Island and thrilling scuba divers from around the world.

Join MV Horizon for a journey that will find you hiking desert islands, snorkeling with pinnipeds, coming face to face with whales, observing nomadic sea birds and getting immersed in nature in an intimate environment lead by our ship board naturalist and vessel staff.

Immerse Yourself in Nature…Immerse Yourself in Baja!