Southern California Diving July 7-10 2022

Every once in a while Horizon Charters puts together a dive expedition that takes you to places not normally seen in Southern California. This is one of them. Rediscover Santa Barbara, San Nicholas and SW end of San Clemente with us this June and experience California diving as it used to be.

This expedition not only offers some of the best diving So. California has to offer, but what many consider is absolutely world class, locations we only offer to a select few because they are so unique and pristine. Please be an experienced advanced open water diver or better for this expedition.

Dive Boat and Trip Pricing

Bunks: $700, Single Berth in a cabin: $900, or entire two berth cabin: $1700.

COVID Dive Policy Trip Cancellation

Required will also be proof of either a negative Covid test within 72 hours or less of boarding (July 7), or proof of having received the necessary Covid vaccine(s).

Full refund of all monies paid if requested on or before May 30, 2022, any refunds after that based on Trip Coordinator (Kurt Gross) being able to replace said diver.  100% refunds if trip is canceled due to weather and/or island closure(s) by the Navy. Exception: in the event we are unable to get to San Nicolas, Catalina will be the replacement dive destination for Day 2.

Itinerary 3 Days

Day One – We leave the night of July 7 and wake up on the morning of July 8th at our favorite dive site Brittlestar Bonanza, aka Hidden Reef, one of the premier dive locations of Santa Barbara Island.  Dropping down into vast fields of multicolored brittle star fish, one may find themselves in the middle of a  school of tuna, swimming along side a Torpedo ray, or gliding beneath and over six foot wide Bat Rays.  For the adventurous, shelves, drop offs and even caves are to be found. Spending the morning there, and then moving while having one of Horizon’s delicious lunches, we’ll then find ourselves at sites such as the Sea Lion Rookery where we’ll be able to interact with baby sea lions and further multitudes of Bat Rays. Other awesome diving opportunities such as the Webster Pt. caves, Shag Rock and the Archway will further fill the afternoon. Then a delicious dinner to be capped off with a night dive.

Day Two – The second morning finds us on the meandering and amazing undersea pinnacles of San Nicholas Island, encrusted with a myriad of invertebrate life amongst a profusion of purple coral.  Three Mile Reef, plus many outer unnamed reefs and pinnacles await, and then, weather allowing, a trip to Begg Rock and finally head over to Dutch Harbor, where we’ll dine like kings and cap the day with a night dive

Day Three – Morning of the third day finds us at the spectacular southwest point of San Clemente island. We’ll start our thrilling dives here beginning at China Pt. and working our way west from Mail Pt. up to Lost Pt. and possibly beyond to the Caves. At this location we’ll shoot for up to 3 dives in these extremely rarely dived and absolutely fantastic scuba locations, and then on our way back to port at H and M Landing in San Diego

Join Us – These dives are for advanced open water and beyond only (sorry), and open to old and new California divers looking to experience the very BEST of So.Cal scuba and adventures!

Contact: Kurt Gross via phone: 619-471-4433 or email:

Book directly with Kurt Gross.