Shark Doc Guadalupe Island Shark Diving Expeditions

In 2018 we first hosted the world renowned Shark Doc, AKA Shark Weeks Dr Craig O’Connell, onboard America’s Shark Boat at Guadalupe Island, it was the beginning of a great relationship. You may recognise Doc from Shark Week, as he has been featured on some of the best science based Guadalupe Island, Tiger and Bull shark shows over the years.

This year 2021 we are once again hosting another amazing group of shark divers along with the good Doctor for season #21 at Guadalupe Island. Join him Nov 4-9 and Nov 9-14  and now Nov 15-20 during the Time of the Titans and explore the amazing world of great white sharks at Guadalupe Island together.

  • No scuba certification necessary
  • Shark beginners welcome
  • Learn about sharks and science with Dr Craig O’Connell
  • Professional industry guides & shark conservationists

Over the course of this unique and special shark expedition to Guadalupe Island you will learn about shark biology, ecology, behavior and the intricate relationship we, as humans, have with sharks with Dr Craig O’Connell.

Cannot make the Time of the Titans? We’re also hosting South Africa’s Shark Week CSI star Alison Towner on two special dates August 8-13 and August 13-18. Join us!

Let’s explore the wild world of sharks together at Guadalupe Island with the stars of Shark Week!