Channel Island Scuba Diving 2021

Pssst, California divers. There’s a new dive boat coming online and we cannot wait to tell you about it for 2021!

Our 2021 Channel Island dates are coming soon. Dive California’s Channel Islands and discover a seasonal scuba wonderland close to home. California’s Southern Channel Islands offers the best scuba diving with the Pacific’s natural beauty the world has to offer – bar none. We have been offering affordable liveaboard dive trips for groups and private dive charters here since the early 1980’s.

At our dive sites you’ll scuba dive through a wonderland of sunlight, filtered by a kelp canopy of thin green-yellow splinters that illuminate the fish  below. In this scuba wonderland you’ll dive with Calico Bass and Kelpfish, see swirling groups of Sardines, almost invisible against the blue sky above, and feel the slight surge that rocks the entire kelp forest gently back and forth. It is scuba diving heaven.

Dominating the scene are columns of giant kelp and rocky reefs and walls carpeted in short palm frond kelp and clusters of red algae and speckled with sponges, anemones, gorgonian and deep-water hydrocoral. Dropping down only halfway to the reefy bottom below you can navigate to shore, suspended quietly among the towering plants. Charter us today!