Mako and Blue Shark Diving, California

Free diving with sharks off the coast of San Diego

Join our specialist shark diving partners this year for blue shark, mako shark and hammerhead shark diving off sunny San Diego. San Diego is a wilderness deepwater playground of some of our favorite shark species. For shark divers the world over the shark team at SD Expeditions are your go-to shark diving professionals.

SD Expeditions uses all means necessary to provide you with a successful shark diving encounter off the coast of California. From constantly monitored weather conditions to keeping in touch with fishing boat captains and shark experts to remain informed about current and future shark diving conditions. We have used the shark team from SD Expeditions in the past to help us locate sharks off the coast, and they get it right – every time.

One Day Shark Diving in California

When you book a one day shark diving charter with SD Expeditions you’ll get the unique opportunity to view the sharks and their behavior from the boat and then enter the water for a safe, cageless, shark encounter. Blue sharks and mako sharks are not the killers once thought by seafarers the world over, in fact they are some of the more docile shark species, but that doesn’t mean you can let your guard down. As you know, the ocean is full of a diversity of marine life – and we won’t limit any experience.  If you’re interested, they’ll gladly stop for common and bottlenose dolphins, sea lions and harbor seals, or the schooling mola mola (ocean sunfish) on our marine serengeti of the coast. Like America’s Shark Boat, the shark diving professionals at SD Expeditions want you to experience the ocean in all it’s glory, and they’ll hold nothing back.

Join SD Expeditions for a unique and different shark diving encounter, and experience the thrill of blue water cageless shark diving with our trusted shark diving partner in San Diego. Lets dive!