Not All Sportfishing Liveaboards Are Created Equal

Our office is your sportfishing playground, and your playground is our concern. Liveaboard sportfishing charters and long range sportfishing with America’s Sportfishing Boat comes with a mandate to take care of our oceans, and we take our environmental footprint very seriously.

Sportfishers around the world are realizing and raising awareness about the world’s oceans. Once thought invincible they are now proving to be a finite resource in need of a watchful eye and environmental policies that help support wild places. Since our inception in 1971 we have worked hard to maintain a high level of environmental awareness and each year we take a close look at how our company policies are manage and make any upgrades or adjustments that are needed. The MV Horizon is the only sportfishing vessel in San Diego who offsets 100% of the diesel fuel we burn by participating in the Nature Conservancy Carbon Offset Program.