About Guadalupe Island, The World’s TOP White Shark Destination

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Guadalupe Island History and Background

Guadalupe Island is the last frontier of Mexico at its western end, its volcanic origins and its distance from the mainland give it a unique biodiversity. Rooted 4,500 meters deep in the Pacific Ocean, this volcanic peak emerges 5,800 meters, in a privileged position, both for the establishment and development of numerous animal and plant species, as for sailors found a place in this territory to stop during their travels.

The will of the Mexican government to recover and conserve the biodiversity of the island, has been an arduous and commendable effort, so for the protection and conservation of Guadalupe Island, in April 25th, 2005 the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) published in the Official Gazette of the Federation (First Section), the Decree that declared Natural Protected Area with the category of Biosphere Reserve, the island, its islets and the surrounding marine area.

The Biosphere Reserve are outstanding biogeographic area at national level, representative of one or more ecosystems that have not been significantly altered by the action of human beings or that need to be preserved or restored because they provide habitat for emblematic species of the national biodiversity, including those considered endemic, threatened or in danger of extinction.

Women Lead & Guided Shark Diving Adventures at Guadalupe Island

In 2018 we hosted Shark Allies and Doctor Chris Lowe from Cal State Shark Lab on onboard America’s Shark Boat, it was the beginning of a great relationship. You may recognise this unique gathering from Shark Week, as they have been featured on some of the best science based shark shows over the years. This year we are hosting the amazing and diverse shark conservation team from Shark Allies again along with the good Doctor on August 28-2, to explore the amazing world of great white sharks together.

  • No scuba certification necessary
  • Shark beginners welcome
  • Learn about sharks and science
  • Professional industry guides & shark conservationists

The Shark Allies team host some of the top industry names in shark conservationshark media and outreach. Over the course of this unique and special shark expedition to Guadalupe you will learn about shark biology, ecology, behavior and the intricate relationship we, as humans, have with sharks. We will also discuss psychological factors, the mindset divers should develop and the mental discipline that makes animal encounters safer, kinder and more meaningful.

Join us, and let’s explore the wild world of sharks together at Guadalupe island!